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Greyscale Dreams

by Pacifist

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‘Greyscale Dreams’ explores sounds and themes that stem from the angst of the daily grind, the people that get lost, perish in the process and remain forgotten in the apathetic, vast populations of Mumbai, the city the band is based out of. The lyrics are a commentary on the human condition in a bleak, black-white-and-grey world where the world gets farther from the light with each passing day.


released June 16, 2019

Written & Performed by Pacifist
Lyrics by Sidharth Raveendran

Drums on all tracks by Niraj Trivedi
Additional guitars on 'Double Down' by Ashish Dharkar
Recorded by Varun Patil & Apurv Agrawal at Funhouse, Mumbai
Mixed by Apurv Agrawal
Mastered by Brad Boatright (Audiosiege Studios)


all rights reserved



Pacifist Mumbai, India

Pacifist is a Bombay based Post-Hardcore act that takes inspiration from the anxiety & despair of urban existence as much as it is inspired by the lyrical & emotive range of 90s hardcore, the minimalism & loud-soft dynamics of post-punk, coupled with a sound that’s awash in noise & melodic crescendos to deliver powerful, fuelled performances. ... more

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Track Name: Reactionary
Always annoyed
You've got your act and
Arguments all on point

Take shots from your shelters
No cause for debate
Seething with anger
Misdirected hate

Prepackaged labels
Hot iron brands
Scathing abuses
It's all in demand

It's a big party
Come pick your side
It's a great time
For us to be alive

Always annoyed
You've got your act &
Arguments all on point

Symbols of hatred
We've turned into Gods
Judgement upon all
For I am the Lord

Witch-hunts & trophies
Lynch all the snakes
Blackened & painted
& burnt at the stake

Don't tolerate
Burnt at the stake


Always annoyed
You've got your cause &
Arguments all on point
Track Name: Double Down
Try to read my face
I'd be damned if you could see through
Your eyes give away
The thoughts inside your mind
I know your kind

Show me what's your next move
Predicted it, like I thought
You made me wait for you
Countless hours & at what cost
Drank it all away
Gave it all for what

Done taking all the hits now
I'm not your fucking bailout
Done placing all the bets now
I'm not your fucking bailout x2

Take an arm for a helping hand
Ripped the shirt right off my back
Cause you're a thief
I'm a survivor
I can fend for my fucking self

Play me like your next move
Called your bluff & you got caught
You used me through & through
Endless times for all I'd got
Took it all away
Sold it on the spot

Done taking all the hits now
I'm not your fucking bailout x3
Done placing all the bets now
I'm not your fucking bailout


Skies open
Lies spoken
Our lives broken
You won't get no forgiveness
Track Name: Pedigreed
Conversations we make
Restroom stalls, coffee breaks
Boardroom meetings, interviews
Shirt & trousers, shiny shoes

Know what makes em
Better than you
Buy them coffee
Join their crew
Read the rules
Lead the herd
You'll only get what you deserve

Conform & prosper, masturbate
Don't worry bout it, you're doing great
Make way for the cool new breed
Can't compete those pedigreed

Know what makes em
Better than you
Grades & foreign accents too
Leaders, prophets wearing suits
Projections, targets in pursuit

Everyone's expendable
Management’s called for review
Hope you find your own way out
Pack your stuff
We'll see you soon

Can't compete
Those pedigreed x2
Track Name: Greyscale Dreams
Lost in the promised dream
Steel girders & beams
Dark hues from a murder scene
Disposable second hand lives
Crushed, choking alive
Hear it play in the back of your mind

Gnashing jaws
Grinding against the grain
House of cards
A debt waiting to be repaid
No time for second thoughts in your head
There's a child to be fed
Another breadwinner dead

I hear just silence
I hear just silence

Less unfortunate fools
Not quite unlike me
Tricked & conned by those that serve their own selfish means
Cogs & gears that tick & function
Never to retire
Running out of time
As we light our own funeral pyres

Dear God (what God?!)
My plea (what plea?!)
Where lies my promised dream?
Reward (these dogs)
Their schemes (they're thieves!)
No safety nets, no sleep

Oh God (Fuck God!)
Believe (our grief)
How all our fates are sealed!
Their ploys (deployed!)
Deceit (indeed!)
Warrants & death receipts

Colourless lives
Greyscale dreams

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